Cirex – “Paralisis”

El instrumentista de música Industrial, ‘Cirex‘, acaba de lanzar durante el mes de diciembre su última aparición discográfica desde del 2020. El sencillo titulado “Paralisis”, cuenta con cuenta con elementos de guitarra y drum and bass. El sencillo se puede adquirir gratuitamente. El artista nos cuenta que desea experimentar con un modo accesible para llegar […]

D.A.T. (DISTRIBUTION AND TOURS) Is The New Paradigm In Music Distribution Offering Tours To Emerging Independent Artists

Former rapper/producer Mark “Sexx” Skeete alongside other influential individuals in the music industry are behind the well-established music distribution network Dat Distribution (D.A.T). His services offer artists all over the world the opportunity to distribute their music worldwide on over 30 streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pandora, Tidal, and Tik Tok […]

Gaviana Releases New Soul & R&B Single “Taken From Me”

Gaviana is an artist with a focus on creating innovative music, laced with soul and R&B influences. This project highlights Gaviana’s astonishing creativity, with a remarkable combination of great lyrics, and beautiful production aesthetics. What’s really special about Gaviana’s music is that it combines a really personal touch with her inventive sonic coordinates, giving the listeners a broad and intriguing […]

Interview: Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Discusses How Music Can Powerfully Break Down Barriers

Natalie Jean is an award-winning multi-nominated multi-genre singer-songwriter who identifies music as a powerful way of moving the world. Her music is constantly shifting the way we think. Check out our interview: Hi Natalie! Thanks for being here today! How often do you set goals for yourself?  I set goals for myself every single day. There are so […]

Interview: Joey Stuckey Inspires The World To Dream Bigger

Award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator, Joey Stuckey, shares his thoughts on the power of chasig one’s dreams. He shares his own tips on how he’s been able to succeed in life. Hi Joey! Thanks for being here! Glad to be part of the conversation! What have you […]

British Singer & Songwriter Fantastic Mr Marcel Brings Music To Life With “Build Your Heart A Wall”

Will-I-Am meets Andrea 3000 in human form as Fantastic Mr. Marcel, a British singer and songwriter. Marcel is well known for his hit classic “Build Your Heart A Wall.” My music can be categorized as Soul Pop Hip-Hop Alternative. My sound consists of a mix of poetic lyricism and mellifluous, taking you higher with a […]

Jairo – “Green Pills”

Indie Pop musician Jairo announces the release of his upcoming single “Green Pills” serving as a way of putting his thoughts together into a coherent song that will be relatable for many listeners. Describing it as his official “sad bop,” the single “Green Pills” will share his personal struggles with mental health. He’ll be donating $1 in support of The […]

Interview: Kendra Muecke Set To Release New Christmas Single This Friday

Artist, writer and actress Kendra Muecke joins us today to share the exciting news on the release of her upcoming single coming on Friday, December 4th. Get to know her before the single releases: Hi Kendra! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Thank you so much for inviting me to interview. How often do […]

LO LA – “Dirty Clothes”

LO LA collaborates with Marcíto to bring a nostalgic and heartbreaking perspective to the ending of a toxic relationship in their newest single “Dirty Clothes.” The relatable lyrics cover lots of the emotive thoughts on the situation just as depicted in the cover. Marcíto, who raps on the track, shares his perspective on how the relationship has […]

Staxkk – “Game Time”

New York-based rapper, producer and engineer Staxkk drops his latest single “Game Time” off his EP STAXKKSEASON. Born and raised in The Bronx, his early beginnings jumpstarted his passionate start in music with his main influences Pharrell Williams and Ryan Leslie igniting a fire in him to hustle for his musical dreams beginning with the release of his debut mixtape N.S.W.T (N […]

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