Interview: PIGPEN JONEZ Founder Discusses New EP “Livin’ In Delafly Side….1”

PIGPEN JONEZ’s founder, songwriter, and producer, Glen Valentino joins us today to discuss their newest EP breaking down current social issues affecting us today. Welcome to Music Trails! How has 2020 been for you? 2020 has been challenging, but there are people out there who have had it much worse. One positive this year for […]

Hassan Composer – “Mirror Of My Soul”

Arab singer and songwriter Hassan Composer shares four new singles created this year including “1 Omri Leha, Mi Life For Her” “2 Bini w binek, between you and me” “Omri Ettani, New Life,” and “Mirror Of My Soul” along with its own music video. The artist, author, composer, and performer based in Paris make sure that music […]

Retro Alternative Rock Band PIGPEN JONEZ Releases Socially Conscience Rock Music EP Livin’ In Delafly Side….1

The EP, Livin’ In Delafly…Side 1, is the first release for the retro-alternative rock group, PIGPEN JONEZ. Founder, songwriter, and producer Glen Valentino, along with his life long friend and multi-talented collaborator, John Noonan, have crafted five songs of original material that pay homage to the music that has inspired them all their lives. Joining them on this release […]

MARLOCK – “The Warrior”

Alternative-pop artist MARLOCK releases his debut four-track EP The Warrior marking a beautiful experience of his life journey and perspectives of the world. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, BANKS, and Dermot Kennedy, MARLOCK brings his own edge into the alternative pop genre with his own personal twist merging soulful melodies, elegant arrangements, and catchy instrumental beats. His early […]

rienne – “try again”

Indie pop singer-songwriter rienne prepares to release her debut single “try again,” available on December 4th. The 20-year-old Philippines born, West Virginia-based musician uses music to share her experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the hardships of struggling with depression. Finding a passion for playing the guitar since the age […]

Michy Tree Set To Release “Cocaine Love” This Friday

Berkshire based musician Michy Tree will be releasing her debut single this upcoming November 27th titled “Cocaine Love,” which she has created, written, produced, mixed, and mastered herself in anticipation of finally sharing her music with the world. The electronic indie-pop single will be an introduction to what kind of original music will be coming in the future from Michy Tree. Although […]

Premiere: Etoile Marley Releases Debut EP “LockItDown”

The enchanting Etoile Marley releases her debut EP LockItDown with six new songs including the relatable feel-good tracks “Cuffing Season” and “LockItDown,” which have given listeners a taste of what to expect in the new EP. The Australian and French singer-songwriter places her heart and soul into the six tracks including “Cuffing Season,” “Run For You,” “8 […]

E-BOO – “The Moment”

E-BOO is a rising rapper, singer, and songwriter originally from Senegal, born in Bangladesh and currently living in France, who is releasing music with the intention of inspiring listeners to pursue the kind of lives they’re seeking to live. He integrates a captivating array of Rap and RnB into catchy melodies and sounds that make his music impossible […]

Velvet Shakes  – “World”

Manchester-based four-piece Velvet Shakes  is setting themselves apart from the other UK bands through the merge of their self-conscious and optimistic outlook on life. “World” is their newest single bringing to the forefront how important it is to care for our planet, especially during a time where they believe a mass awakening needs to occur for the […]

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