10/25 Weekly Music Roundup

Thanks for checking out our past releases of our Weekly Music Roundup – it’s the place to hightlight the top songs that have come our way during the week. Make sure to stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Caitlin Min Fa – “Younger Self”

We’ve asked ourselves this question, “What would you tell your ‘Younger Self’?” at least once in our lives. Caitlin Min Fa dedicates this new song to her younger self, who is now all grown up and has gone through many lessons in life that allow her to tell her younger self the right words. Check out this uplifting Pop single!

2. D.K. Lyons – “The Past (Romanticized)”

“This year has obviously been an incredible challenge for everybody on seemingly infinite levels, so it feels good on my end to continue to try and put my music and art out in the world to hopefully serve as a momentary distraction or release. “Run to Me” is one of my favorite tracks off the album and the accompanying video we’re putting out on the 30th might be my favorite one of the 7 we’ve made to date. There’s just a really haunting and desperate feeling to the visuals that really compliment the song well,” D.K. Lyons shares.

3. VolX, Bstar, & Jessica Raeanne – “Civil War”

Rapper Bstar, singer Jessica Raeanne, and music producer/ professional violinist VolX stand in unity in their newest release  “Civil War” memorializing the Black Lives Matters movement. Bstar and Jessica Raeanne take turns turning the song into a relevant narrative with the use of captivating story-telling urging us to “SAY THE NAMES.”

4. Ione – “Loved By You”

​”Loved By You” follows the first single she has released “Tell Me,” which gained massive support from BBC Introducing and Radio 1. Her upcoming EP Tide is Changing will be released later this year with ​”Loved By You” as the lead single. ​The new single shares Ione’s love of pop and 90’s R&B with catchy rythms and relatable song lyrics such as “I don’t wanna be left alone baby all because you can’t swim out into depths unknown.”

5. The Amatory Murder – “Room 208”

Filmed in New York City, The Amatory Murder is elated to finally share the music video for “Room 208,” an intriguing story describing a perculiar situation happening in a hotel room. It’s one those “you have to see it to believe it” kind of situations that instantly capture your attention.

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