10/11 Weekly Music Roundup

Here we go again! Thanks for checking out our past releases of our Weekly Music Roundup – it’s the place to hightlight the top songs that have come our way during the week. Make sure to stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. BAO – “Perpetual Heartbreak”

Branching out from the rigid electronic pop of Ming & Ping, BAO set out to make a genre-less record that intentionally showcased the beauty of imperfections.

“I love that I can weave different stories about my past romances, my immigrant roots, and my Asian American community all together into this theme. It takes effort to affect positive change, but it’s also necessary to just soak in the sadness sometimes. Sadness is something that one needs to be processed.”

2. Jeymon – “Tuesdays In July”

The up-and-coming singer from Vancouver, Canada, taps in a creative and energetic team that come together to display his vibrant personality. This single reminisces on the happiness one night brought him, inspiring him to create a single that emits the same feelings in others.

3. B. Me – “Bling”

Female rappers are proclaiming their positions in the music industry now more than ever before. B. Me, also known as B.Me The Diamond Diva, comes in with an energetic new track highlighting how fighting for what’s yours and never settling for less will help you get farther in life than what you imagine.

4. Eran Hersh – “Livslängd”

“Livslängd,” blend a wide range of underground styles taking listeners on a journey through the impossible. His music originally and interestingly displays how much of a creative Eran Hersh is in the world of electronic music.

5. King Mizzie – “What’s The Cost”

It’s always a treat when King Mizzie drops a new EP. The independent rapper hypes us up once again with five new tracks detailing his life struggles and memorable moments in his life. Check it out:

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