10/13 Weekly Music Roundup

As the weeks go by, new singles/albums are released that we just can’t stop listening to. This week, these artists dominating the “Making The List” weekly music roundup are all unique and bring their own flavor to the list. As always, stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Rev. Peter Unger – “Blood On Our Hands”

Rev. Peter Unger fuses together Christian, Gospel, Country, and Folk music in his songs to bring you a really good, distinctive sound. If that doesn’t sound like a great mixture, listen to “Blood On Our Hands” and see for yourself! “Blood On Our Hands” is truly a work of art, make sure to listen!

2. Mark Ambuter – “37”

Independent Alternative Rock artist, Mark Ambuter, slowly goes through the motions in the beginning of the song then becomes unstoppable as the guitars and drums get louder and faster. This single , completely enchanted with his song, keeps fans hooked from start to finish. Listen now to “37“, currently available on all streaming platforms.

3. Catalyna – “Alma Desnuda”

Rising Puerto Rican artist Catalyna shares her desire to know her lover in a deeper level through “Alma Desnuda.” Its beats and her voice are very unique to the industry. The single was released last year in 2018 and still continues as one of her most popular tracks.

4. Melii – “Nena”

Pop & R&B singer/songwriter Melii keeps people on their toes with her newest single, “Nena.” Midway through the song, I expect for a voice like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to pop up as it has a similar flow to their collaboration “HML.”Melii has calm and passionate vocals throughout the single that makes you want to hear it over and over again.

5.  Blow Flyy – “Where Do We Go”

Canadian rapper Blow Flyy is making waves in the music industry. Not only will you find yourself bopping your head in agreement with his inspiring lyrics and beat but the song will motivate you to get up and live the life you want to live. Blow Flyy keeps the track insanely clean, a disparity from the popular songs on the rap scene today.”Where Do We Go” is worth a listen!

6. Ava Max – “Freaking Me Out”

After “Sweet But Pyscho” ran the entire summer, this may be the newest track to rock out to the entire fall. The lyric video is pretty cool; showing different visuals that follow the story in the song. Ava Max sure knows how to make music that has a lifetime effect to it and “Freaking Me Out” can become one of those too.

7. Aog Tune – “Oh No Baby”

Bringing you some party music this week! Aog Tune brings the party, whining vibes in “Oh No Baby” that gets you in the mood to hit the dance floor as soon as the beat starts. In the song, he lets his girl know their relationship isn’t going through the “on-and-off” phase – if they’re together, they’ll ride or die for each other and continue whining together. Add “Oh No Baby” to your playlists and fire up the dance floor at your next party!


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