10/6 Weekly Music Roundup

For our first “Making The List” weekly roundup, we discovered new singles/albums this week that we just can’t stop raving about. Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Cazzu – Visto A Las 00:00

The young spanish trap artist Cazzu makes music that feels like a breath of fresh air, given that her quick raps don’t even sound like she’s out of air. I haven’t heard of Cazzu before, yet I was instantly hooked and listened to her album Error 93 over and over throughout the day. The heartbreaking love track makes you want to dance while the chorus plays.

2. Mary Jeans – SPECIAL

Rising pop-R&B singer/songwriter Mary Jeans’ music is an exclusive look into her life and experiences. In “Special,” you can hear the raw mix of emotions and melancholic sound that completely draws you in. As the second single released this year, “Special” has begin to place Mary Jeans on the map. Be ready to listen to her music everywhere!

3. Chris Jane – “SHADE”


Prepare to hang out by the pool and keep your shades on all day! Singer-songwriter Chris Jane brings on a summer anthem that you can enjoy all year long – a pop anthem that’s all about bringing good vibes everywhere you go. TT The Artist and Chris Jane remind you to focus on you and not be bothered by the “shade” other people are throwing your way. Throw your shades on and chill by the pool!

4.  Matt Kent – “Why”

Singer-songwriter Matt Kent uses his music in a way we can all appreciate. “Why” is raw. His piano skills give the song an edge as the flow meshes together with his high-pitch vocals. We can’t help but sing along to the really catchy chorus as the beats and sound gets higher.

5. A Boogie With A Hoodie – “Mood Swings”

A Boogie always makes music that makes you want to dancwe or get in your feelings. This one is a combination of both, leaving you bobbing your head repeatedly by the end. The visuals were well thought out for each scene. He doesn’t leave out anything for our imagination and sticks to how he feels in this new banger.

6. Matt Westin – “Hey Bro”

Calling all country fans! Matt Westin’s “Hey Bro” is catchy, memorable for any country fan who listens, & an honest, raw track that makes you want to call up your buddy to let them know they’re important to you. His deep baritone vocals and well flowing beats will have you singing along and swaying your body from side to side to the lyrics like:

“Hey bro I got your back and dare anybody to go jackin’ with that, naw
Hey bro I know you got mine, yeah…some things run thicker than a blood line
Gotcha covered my brother from another mother down any back road”

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6 thoughts on “10/6 Weekly Music Roundup

  1. Hello Evelin,

         I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for this great list.

    As it stands, I just pop on the radio and listen to whatever comes on.  That said, I’ve been meaning to listen to more variety and actually see what’s up and coming in the music scene.

    Your list will give me that opportunity.  I plan to check out each song you’ve listed here and then expand to the artist’s other recordings if I like the one I’ve heard.

    I see that this is a weekly roundup so that’s great too.  Now I can pop back in to see what’s covered next week.

    Thanks again,


    1. That’s great to hear Scott! I use Apple Music and Spotify to find new music and it never disappoints! Thanks for listening to the songs 🙂 

  2. I am always fascinated by how Cazzu does her raps. It is indeed a fresh of breath air listening to her rap, as most of us are not used to Spanish rappers, especially females.I have listened to Mary Jeans and I love her! Her voice is breath taking and the backgrounds sounds are so soothing. I cant stop listening to Matt Kent, and dancing to it too. You’ve combined such a great list. Thank you for these great suggestion!

  3. Wow, are these all new releases? I love the first 4 but have to admit “Mood Swings” was a little freaky for me. What a fabulous idea to feature new songs, thank you! I really enjoyed hearing them all. Where do you go to find new releases like this? I appreciate the work that goes into being a new artist and love how you are supporting them with your site.

    1. Yes, they’re all relatively new singles. I discovered them all this week so they’re completely new to me! Thanks for listening. A Boogie isn’t for everyone but his music has made a huge impact on the rap crowd. Hope you keep an eye out for next week’s list!

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