12/15 Weekly Music Roundup

Our weekly roundup includes FIVE new singles/albums we found this week and that we just can’t stop raving about. Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. J. Cash The King – “Elite”

J. Cash The King is smooth as he hits each hard hitting beat in his single “Elite.” The scenes are nothing short from amazing as he goes through an interrogation at the start of the music video that leads to footage showing him living his best life. He has the fancy cars, money and is ultimately living the life of the elite. If you’re lookign for new music to listen to, give this a try!

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2. J.Maurice – “Lifetime”

Rapper J.Maurice released a song titled “Lifetime” about life being too short and experiencing the death of his sister in law in a car crash. Regardless of time, the memory stays with one after losing someone. Her memory will stay alive with the song inspired by her life here on Earth. J.Maurice is real, unapologetic, and inspired in his lyrics as he sings about getting one lifetime. His beats and bars hold strong Joe Budden and old-school R&B vibes. Check it out yourself!

3. The Keymakers – “California In The Sun”

Rising musical duo and brothers, The Keymakers, are gearing up for their first tour in 2020 to celebrate the release of the debut EP, Spectra. Their music video for their newest single, “California in the Sun,” is a short, fun video displaying what a simple yet enjoyable day in California can look like. Check it out yourself!

4. Niall Horan – “Put A Little Love On Me”

The soulful Irish artist released his newest single, “Put A Little Love On Me” to express a beautiful relationship he wishes to have with someone special. In the video, he plays the piano and flows from place to place searching for someone to “put a little love on” him. He eventually meets someone in the end and the rest is history.

5. French Montana – MONTANA

This album is honestly legendary and timeless. French Montana released this two sided album with 20 songs that puts a spin on how record albums are created today. Our favorites include “Writing On The Wall,” “Twisted,” and “No Shopping.” If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure to give it a listen!

6. Liam Payne – “Stack It Up”

Liam Payne has created a fun song featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in “Stack It Up.” Each artist brings a unique vibe to the new music Liam Payne has been releasing. The single is motivational and inspires listeners with lyrics like “I’ve been working and getting by/ But that ain’t enough to satisfy/ Cos I got dreams/ For you and I/ So I got money on my mind.” Liam is working for his money and we all respect that!

7. Chelsea Cutler – “How To Be Human”

The music video for “How To Be Human” shows Chelsea Cutler going through different places. The settings are fitting for the title as she shows herself going through her daily routines and ending the performing in front of large audiences. It’s a beautiful video!

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