12/8 Weekly Music Roundup

Missed a week but here we are again for the next weekly roundup! We included some new singles/albums that you may have already heard or are set to discover! As always, support all music and stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends and family!

1. JRS3 – “ShutDown”

JRS3 brings a distinctive voice to his latest single, “ShutDown.” The track begins with an explosive beat stimulating a fire alarm that merges with his responsive lyrics about the nation and how they “ain’t gonna shut me up/ shut me down/ keep me down.” If you’re a fan of old-school rap or more contemporary music, definitely give this song a listen!

Check out JRS3 on InstagramApple Music, and his official website!

2. DifferentPersonas – “Christmas Eve”

DifferentPersonas is smooth, quick to liven up the mood and brings a whole different vibe to the Christmas festivities. DifferentPersonas’ vocals and beats on “Christmas Eve” is bound to set the mood for the festive holiday. If you’re looking to celebrate with that special person in your life, make sure to add this to your playlist! Check out DifferentPersonas on Soundcloud for more music!

3. The Weeknd – “Heartless”

It’s great to see The Weeknd back with two new singles similar to his roots in Trilogy! After a few years of radio silence, “Heartless” emerges with pop hits set to hype everyone up for his future album. If you haven’t seen the vide yet, check it out!

4. NF – “Paid My Dues”

NF released the music video for “Paid My Dues” recently, which was featured in his newest album, The Search. The entire album discusses social anxiety, depression, and is currently #1 in the world. “Paid My Dues” shows the rapper fighting with online criticism and discussing his mental health. Give the song a chance if you’re into Eminem-style rap.

5. Bad Bunny – “Vete”

Bad Bunny recently released “Vete,” an addition to the collection of hearbreak songs we can’t get enough of. With the single, Bad Bunny makes history with his Hot 100 debut for an all-Spanish-language song with no accompanying artists. The song currently sits at #33 yet it’s bound to reach a higher number in the next few weeks.

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