1/4 Weekly Music Roundup

For our weekly roundup, we found FIVE new singles and albums that we really want to share with you all. As always, stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Zandra Vibes – “Intoxicated”

Alternative, R&B artist Zandra Vibes shares her latest mystical, ambient, bass-filled release, “Intoxicated.” This powerful single describes everything the title suggests – an intoxicating feeling of being in love with someone yet it takes you to the point of making you lose your judgment when it comes to affairs of the heart. Zandra Vibes has a surreal presence in front of the camera and an alluring voice that draws listeners in. Make sure to watch the video and follow her on social media!


2. Ashley Puckett – “Medicine”

Country singer Ashley Puckett has released the first single from her upcoming debut album titled “Medicine.” The single depicts her real life love story with her husband of many years. It’s all described through engaging melodies, relatable lyrics, and a sweet message behind it all to truly connect with the listener even if you’re not a Country fan.

3. NOSTROMO ft. Gilda Betancourt – “Control”

NOSTROMO and Gilda Betancourt team up to create a seductive and addictive single titled “Control,” with high tempo bleeping synths that bring the lyrics to life right from the start. There isn’t a dull moment as the entirety of the song stays at a high level and never drops its momentum. Fans can dedicate this song to that special somebody who can appreciate the upbeat background music and unique vocals!

4. C.K. Marion – Resist

C.K. Marion released “King & Queen of the Throne” where she raps about letting go of the bad things about life and not having to worry about living til the next day. Black Lives Matter, women’s rights issues, and the right everyone has to live the life they want without beig judged is discussed throughout the entire song. By the end of the song, she has remained true to who she is and doesn’t let anybody tear her down. Make sure to check it out!

5. Joel Christian – “GEMINI”

Joel Christian’s newest single “GEMINI” speaks about a guy that has broken his heart. His astrology sign is Gemini, which  Christian mentions with lyrics like “I’m in love with a Gemini” and “Gemini” in the background over and over again. The single is increasingly growing in popularity as it’s being streamed in over 40 countries.


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