1/5 Weekly Music Roundup

For our latest weekly roundup, we included new singles that were submitted to Music Trails! Check them out and let us know what you think!

1. Flame Of Life – “Red Sunset”

The beats, lyrics and energetic strum of the background guitar keep listeners hooked to “Red Sunset.” Although, vocally Flame Of Life’s lead artist isn’t up to the level where he has the ability to be, the lyricism is in fact unique and well written. The beats definitely make anyone break out into a dance. Check it out!

2. Francois Reinke – “Bartender”

Upcoming rapper Francois Reinke shares his latest single, “Bartender,” after the release of his debut album My Heart Beats to. With a smooth intro, Reinke discusses life’s ongoing battles yet having the tenacity to continue hustling to follow his dreams and travel the world. “Bartender” is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen here!


3. Josh K – “By 2”

Reaching over 56k million streams on SoundCloud, Josh K is an artist you MUST keep on your radar! New York artist Josh K sings song like “By 2” right in his bedroom. The single is a simple, romantic song listeners can serenade to their crushes or partners. His voice is soothing, inviting and adds a special element to the single. Make sure to listen right here!

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4. SONIA – “Joyride”

SONIA shares her single “Joyride” where she sets herself apart in comparison with most mainstream artists from these days. Driven by heartbreak, betrayal, growth and finding who she is as a person, her EP titled EP 1 featues this song and 3 others for fans to obsess over. If you haven’t heard it yet, definitely go listen to it!

3. Kristen Karma – “Dear John”

Karma’s dedication to her father is done with simplicity and beauty, which makes this single quite different from all of her other songs. The vocals are warm and smooth while her powerful lyricism is relatable and mesmerizing as she calls out, “I hope you’re up there watching over me/ Can you see all that I can’t see/ I hope you’re feeling really proud of me/ For all I’ve done and turned out to be.”

4. Jeremy Parsons – “Makin’ Things Up As I Go”

The music video for “Makin’ Things Up As I Go” shows a silly side to Parsons and his team of musicians. In one scene, he plays a chef while in another he’s a contestant on Jeopardy! It’s difficult to know what will come next as he surprises viewers with exciting, funny skits that literally shows how he’s making it up as he goes through life.

5. John Vento – “I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You”

The scenes gave a beautiful complement to the lyrics where he hopes he doesn’t fall in love with the woman sitting nearby. Yet, the only time the music video is in color is when he’s speaking with her and slowly falling in love. It’s romantic regardless of how the story initially began. Listen to the entire album Love, Lust & Other Wreckage and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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