19-Year-Old Sedona Releases Powerful, Raw Debut EP “Middle of the Night”

With the release of her debut EP Middle of the Night, 19-Year-Old student and rising artist, Sedona, shares all her relationship lessons and failures in five short, meaningful songs.

​Currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, Sedona continues to improve musically. Her first EP Middle of the Night includes a mix of original songs set to appeal to a wide audience interested in all kinds of musical genres.

The five-track EP highlights her most popular single, “Bottom of Your Bottle,” which perfectly depicts how the entire album has been drafted to discuss her feelings over one specific person. “Bottom of Your Bottle” is a groovy track with lyrics about moving on from someone who only reaches out when they finally finish the bottle of whiskey in their hand after their relationship has ended. Sedona is confident, smooth and clear about her emotions in this uplifting track that listeners can quickly find themselves rooting for her happiness.

“Just call me in the morning when your mind is clear/ Gonna need a little warning to dry your tears” the chorus begins. “I’m always sitting at the bottom of your bottle/ Now I’m all that’s left now that the whiskey’s gone/ I know it might be hard to swallow/ But while you’ve been drinking I’ve been moving on.”

Just by listening to the words, one can imagine how she feels. The single is accompanied by a music video where Sedona first appears receiving a text from her drunk ex. As the days go on, it gets easier for her to ignore those texts and keep moving on with her fun life on vacation.

She appears laid-back, enjoying her time at the beach and playing her guitar since after all, she has moved on from this specific person. Every scene included in the video became the ideal sort of visuals for the addictive lyricism found in “Bottom of Your Bottle.” Watch the music video below and let us know your thoughts!

Sedona has been pursuing music for a very long time. Her first instrument was the drums, which she started playing in elementary school and continued throughout middle school. She then mastered the clarinet, keyboards, and guitar, all bringing an array of musical skills for this young musician who’s ready to share her music with the world. By the time she was in high school, she was voted “Most Likely to Win a Grammy” by her classmates.

The band Train set the stepping stones for Sedona as an artist. She has performed with Train several times at large venues throughout the United States and will soon be joining them on their Sail Across The Sea music festival. She was a featured performer on the 5th and 6th Sail Across the Sun music cruise festivals, where she played for large audiences each night.

Sedona’s debut EP, Middle of the Night, opens with the fast-paced, regretful single, “Let You Go.” The single is an ode to a failing relationship she went through and reminiscing the night that everything ended between them even though it turned out to be the best decision they could’ve made for themselves. She discusses how she felt regret for the ending but also relief for being able to move on and live her life.

“Hold Me” is the only acoustic song on Middle of the Night with just the sound of the guitar strumming in the background. The compassionate, peaceful track brings a sense of being at ease while listening to the song carry on but lyrically, it’s one of the saddest and emotional tracks on the EP.

For anybody who’s gone through a heartbreaking relationship, this track will put into words everything we feel as humans who desire to be with someone else. With lyrics like “Can you explain why I love you/ And why it’s not me and you” listeners can instantly feel the pain in her words and also relate with everything she says. This is definitely one of our favorite songs on Middle of the Night.

In “Everything’s Not Right,” Sedona admits to not feeling like everything is okay. She’s honest and real about how she wants to be honest but it’s difficult to do, which is also a relatable feeling for many people.

Through an Instagram post, she mentions how she struggled with her mental health in the previous year. Lyrics include “I just wants to feel something good tonight/ But all I can do is lie to you/ Saying everything is alright/ When everything is not right” she sings in the catchy chorus on “Everything’s Not Right.”

The post begins with, “…really fought back against my mental health struggles and have been stronger and happier than I ever have been!” As she continues with, “I’m so thankful for all the people in my life who have been there for me and continuously support me and who are my bright lights in my life. I love you all. I hope everyone has an amazing 2020 full of love and happiness!! Can’t wait to share more music w y’all!”

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2019! The best year of my life thus far!❤️ . . . . So many fun and exciting things happened this year. Not only did I release my first single, EP, was on the radio, made my first merch and was invited to be an artist on the 2020 train cruise, I also moved into my own apartment, started cooking for myself, declared my major (which was putting immense amounts of stress on me), and really fought back against my mental health struggles and have been stronger and happier than I ever have been! I’m so thankful for all the people in my life who have been there for me and continuously support me and who are my bright lights in my life. I love you all. I hope everyone has an amazing 2020 full of love and happiness!! Can’t wait to share more music w y’all!❤️ . Here are some fun Sedona 2019 stats: 3 singles 1 EP 1 music video 22 attended concerts 14 states (WA, ID, OR, CO, CA, TX, SC, NY, PA, CT, IL, IN, HI, NJ)

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The final track, “Time We Don’t Have,” is all about not wasting time and spending the day together with that one special person. Sedona’s vulnerable, raw vocals and lyrics makes this a love song perfect for anyone in love or crushing hard on someone. She speaks from experience as she sings each word with her heart in her sleeve.

Overall, Sedona has crafted positive, moving pieces of music that can live on for ages. Her skills as a lyricist and musician are impeccable. Evidently, each lyric and musical beat has been profoundly considered before being included in each song and EP. Make sure to listen to the complete five-track EP Middle of the Night on Spotify down below:

February will be an exciting time for Sedona as she will be performing in Miami, FL through Train’s Sail Across The Sea music festival. The cruise travels from Miami to Nassau & Great Stirrup Cay on Norwegian Pearl from February 14-18. Click here for more information and to get on the waiting list for tickets!



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