1Day – “It Sounds Better with Your Eyes Closed”

1Day releases a captivating debut EP “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” that’ll fuel your next hangout session, workout, or walk around the park. The Alternative Pop/R&B EP is jam-packed with hypnotizing varying sounds within the six-track collection of creative and expressive lyrics.

Showcasing his young and soulful sound, 1Day sticks to discussing topics he knows well, including important moments in his life from his past, present, and future. “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” is the perfect title for this. You’ll feel every emotion he channeled into the album while you listen to each single with your eyes.

Creating an impact on other people’s lives is something that can motivate many artists who are in the process of beginning their musical journeys. 1Day understands the importance to connecting with his audience since their support is a huge motivator for him as well. “I want my music to impact at least one persons’ life in some way, shape, or form. If I can do that, then the job is done. At the end if the day It’s all about the fans. #DayMakers!” he said.

The opening track “Tuscan Sun (Intro)” introduces listeners to his overall distinctive sounds of Alternative R&B, Punk Rock, and a hint of Pop blended into one relaxing yet upbeat album. Its two minutes of peace open up the floor for all emotions felt while listening as he encourages listeners to “sit back and relax.”

“Bar + Magic!” hypes us up with Rock-like sounds we weren’t 100% ready for just yet. As the first single with lyrics, it comes at you right away and keeps your attention interested in learning more about this young artist. “Truce” is a real highlight of the album, which displays his natural songwriting and vocal abilities. Its heartbreaking lyricism strikes a nerve with anyone also going through a breakup.

“Tunice 10” uses synths with memorable hooks as his powerful vocals instantly draws us in. His vocal range and musical style uniquely proves how good of an artist he is and how with time his voice can develop even more. “Lock Down” amps up the volume for a Rock inspired track on living life. His honest and expressive lyrics don’t hold back as the guitars leave behind a slick trail in the background.

“The Girl Is Gone” channels a mix of emotions into a EDM style track that focuses on the repeating instrumentals and verses to let go of the anger he feels. Its climatic sounds are fascinating as he mentions losing a relationship he really cared about.

The Topeka, Kansas native is just getting started on this journey and it’s definitely an impressive album that will keep first time listeners coming back for more. At first listen, it’s very unexpected but it keeps getting better and better after you press that replay button.

Stream “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” on all streaming platforms now as we all prepare for the releases of what we can asssure you will be some of the best projects of the year.


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