Month: November 2019

Dejhare Releases Emotional, Raw Album “Unbreakable”

Singer-songwriter Dejhare releases her first album Unbreakable with twelve-tracks bound to help us forget our sorrows for a while and reminiscing with her over true love, our life experiences, and “unbreakable” stories. To build anticipation, Dejhare shared tons of music videos over the summer for almost all of the songs on Unbreakable. Dejhare makes sure to share her creativity and self-expression in […]

Venchi Hef – Preseason

New York City rapper Venchi Hef is on the rise with his latest 5 song EP, Preseason. With the quick accessibility of social media, Venchi Hef has used his accounts to rapidly spread his music and be heard all over the world. The title itself is a clear indication of where he stands in life. He’s in preseason, in […]

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turned To Stone”

Canadian singer, Lynne Taylor Donovan shares a lighthearted and fun video detailing the music industry in her latest single,  “Turn To Stone.” At first glance, the industry is beginning to shape her into the person they want her to be: a puppet to the executives in the industry and performing for hundreds of crowds every […]

The Gary Douglas Band – “Deep In The Water”

The Gary Douglas Band crafts a powerful statement release with the single “Deep In The Water” to discuss a specific case of injustice. “Deep In The Water” tells the story behind the infamous case of DuPont poisoning the drinking water of thousands of people. The song comes from the point of view of one of the lawyers who […]

Rev. Peter Unger – “The Sounds of Christmas”

As the Christmas holiday slowly appears, Rev. Peter Unger is one of those artists releasing holiday music to spead more cheer. Influenced by different musical artists and his Christian church, Rev. Peter Unger creates music with the sole purpose of uniting people with their religious beliefs. His usual calming, inspiring, comforting, prayerful, and Grace-filled songs are slowly making […]

Santa’s Helpers – “The Day After Christmas”

Spreading Christmas joy is one important job for the guy up in the North Pole! That’s all Santa Claus thinks about but “The Day After Christmas” asks one particular question Santa’s Helpers are trying to figure out. After Santa finished his trip around the world on Christmas Eve, he noticed a letter sticking out of his boot. Little […]

11/24 Weekly Music Roundup

For our next weekly roundup, check out these newest singles and albums. Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends! 1. Kingsavy – “Dance the night away” ( Askaree Beats) Kingsavy brings his smoothness with his newest track “Dance the night away,” which is fit for any Kid Cudi fan. […]


Atlanta artist LATENIGHTJACE teams up with some creatives in his life to drop a few gems in his second EP Darkest Phase. The EP takes listeners through a futuristic, raw vibe from start to finish as his tracks move through the motions of love and heartbreak. With the help of producer and college friend, Justyin The Composer, Darkest Phase came into […]

Dar.Ra – “Rock Steady”

Artist Dar.Ra releases his newest single, “Rock Steady,” an intriguing spin to the popular Werewolf Vigilante story. Calling his music Rock Step, a mixture of Rock and Dance Music, Dar.Ra captivates their listener’s attention with his quick and fast paced single. In the beginning it’s difficult to know what’s going as as he cruises through New York […]

Mostly Trees Releasing Self-Titled Album This Upcoming December

Minnesota band, Mostly Trees, prepares for the release of their self-titled album featuring 10 singles perfect for all Rock fans everywhere or any one seeking new music to discover! Each song delivers a different set of beats and range of vocals showcasing what they can do together as a band. Once the album is released, […]

Pop Artist PRAYA Combines His Love For All Musical Genres In “Come A Little Closer”

Speaking with us today is Alternative and Pop singer-songwriter, PRAYA, who recently released his single “Come A Little Closer.” As his EP gets closer to its release date, he discusses the motivation behind “Come A Little Closer,” what’s to expect form his EP, and small fun facts that can help readers connect with the young, inpirational […]

Wembi – “Heartbeat Of My Life”

Soulful singer, songwriter, and producer Wembi shares a heartfelt, piano-led composition “Heartbeat Of My Life” where he shares his love and truth for someone in his life. “Heartbeat Of My Life” takes listeners through a journey of self exploration and embracing human dependency. As the pop ballad treads on, we hear the piano filled song turn into […]

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