Month: February 2020

Izzie Derry – “Take It From Me”

Combining influental elements of Folk, Blues, Country and Rock, musician Izzie Derry brings nothing but good vibes in her latest EP, Take It From Me. The talented rising singer-songwriter releases four unapologetically real singles circling around life experiences she’s faced or experienced through a different point of view. Each sentiment detailed in her songs released as an independent artist give way to a […]

Ultra_eko – “Six Numbers”

Ultra_eko is back with an impressive single immersed with reflective lyrics used to deliver a relatable message about dealing with financial struggles. “Six Numbers” is driven by his determination to succeed, which is evident in his journey to record the song entirely by himself with his own recording equipment. Along with his perseverance to reach the top, Hip Hop artist Ultra_eko doesn’t shy […]

The Groove Project – “Leap Of Faith”

The Groove Project announces the release of “Leap Of Faith” as part of their plan to release a new single every month in anticipation of their full-length album to be released this Summer 2020. The inspiration for this eighth single comes from the Lauren Oliver quote, “He who leaps for the sky may fall, it’s true. But he may […]

Rafi Bar – “Beginning” feat. Yitzy Heilbrun

Rafi Bar keeps the party going in his newest Dance/EDM EP “Beginning” featuring musician Yitzy Heilbrun. The five-song collective quickly sets the mood for a fun, unforgettable experience. Starting with “City Boy,” the song features sounds and beats that you’d typically hear in Youtube travel videos. It escalates from a mellow, calming beat to an exciting mix […]

2/23 Weekly Music Roundup

Check out our NEWEST set of artists you have to check out! 1. Joe Ramsey – “Fork In The Road” Indie singer/songwriter Joe Ramsey is starting off the year strong with the release of “Fork in the Road,” a personal, contemplative single for anyone who is struggling with their own personal fork in the road while also showcasing a new […]

INTRODUCING: AR Base – “Double Blessing”

Artist AR Base has just released his most recent single “Double Blessing,” a Christian Hip Hop and R&B dedication to God featuring a catchy and enjoyable lyricism that instantly keeps us engaged with its Hip Hop/R&B style-like beats. With musical resemblances to Usher in sound and R&B vocals, AR Base speaks of the blessings he’s received in his life. […]

I WANT POETRY – “Growing Pains”

Indie duo I WANT POETRY emerges with their newest single “Growing Pains,” released on February 21. Together, they push the boundaries of imagination with visuals, Ambient elements, and encouraging lyricism that says “turn your dreams into a reality.” In an Instagram post, I WANT POETRY described the single as: “We all feel that need to grow, and we struggle […]

Constantlll – “LIGHTSKIN MAGIC” (Harry Potter Parody)

Constantlll creates his own version of the popular Harry Potter Parody going around on Youtube. His version “Lightskin Magic” is a lighthearted, fun, and mystical visual everyone should check out! The single is part of his favorite mixtures of different genres including Pop, Hip Hop, Rap and Parody music. It’s quickly accumulated over 110,000+ views in only a few […]

NightZero – “Pieces”

Essex-based band, NightZero, brings their energetic and crowd pleasing performances straight to their listeners ears through their latest single, “Pieces.” The four piece band find inspiration in popular bands such as Skillet, Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore and Foo Fighters to create their own distinctive sound. “Pieces” comes as one of their best known hits from the year including “Perfect Escape.” […]

Liam Fitzgerald Releases “Take Me To Places” and “Back On Track” On Valentine’s Day

Liam Fitzgerald releases his latest double single as a newly solo artist. “Take Me To Places” and “Back On Track” explore his career unaccompanied by the Indie band he was in for the past 10 years. Essex singer-songwriter Liam Fitzgerald blends a mix of Blues and Indie Folk-Rock in his songs to create a soulful vibe with the use of his […]

INTRODUCING: Lance Richards – “Monsoon”

Lance Richards delivers an unforgettable performance in “Monsoon” which shares the journey of an enraged woman going through the process of the stages of anger and grief. With the release of his two full length albums Friends and Three, “Monsoon” is the San Francisco-based artist’s newest work of art. The scenes in this video show a woman grieving her husband […]

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