Month: June 2020

Stock Footage – “You And Me”

Following the release of their eclectic release, “Broken Together,” Chicago-based band Stock Footage returns with a new optimistic song titled “You And Me.” “You And Me” contains a beautiful message about feeling secure in the direction you’re headed in life. They sing about the joys that other people can bring into our lives, especially in a time where there are so […]

Interview: Jehan Discusses Debut Single ”Peace of Mind” & More

After releasing her debut single “Peace of Mind,” artists and producer Jehan continues to develop her sound and connections to deliver uplifting, inspiring new music. Check out our interview to learn more about her: Hey Jehan! Thank you for talking with us. You have a really unique way that you present your music. You are an artist and a […]

Interview: Hannah Judson Shares New EP “Stingray”

Singer-Songwriter Hannah Judson is based in Paris, France, but started out in the Chicago indie music scene. She has recently released “Stingray” on Boneyard Records, recorded in Sacramento, California and Fontainebleau, France. This set of songs are her most optimistic and forward looking. Check out our interview to learn more about Hannah Judson and Stingray. […]

Anna Aarons – “Her”

Singer-songwriter Anna Aarons releases a Pop-filled flowing with catchy elements of Soul in her latest release, “Her.” In this new single, she opens up about her relationship with her younger sister who’s only five years younger yet is a wise and protective person in her life. Five years after first writing “Her,” Anna Aarons reappears with a groovy, new production on the track. Infused […]

Paisley Park – “Never Played It Safe”

Paisley Park, a classic rock four-piece from Wales, release a hard-hitting new single that illustrates a vulnerable look at mental health and letting go of regret. followed by infectious guitar melodies and a lively set of drums. “Never Played It Safe” is the second single from their upcoming EP. Their mellow lyrics are uplifted by the layered sounds of powerful instruments that create a […]

Chrystal Rucker – “It Is Well”

Kansas City’s very own Chrystal Rucker encourages listeners to believe in themselves enough to recognize that no matter what life brings upon us, “It Is Well.” Her newest song is a beautiful reminder that everything is going to be alright in the end. Chrystal has been featured on many critically acclaimed gospel albums and is widely known to […]

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