Month: December 2020

Interview: John-Paul Jones Group Discusses Upcoming Release “Broke In Bridge City” In Exclusive Interview

 John-Paul Jones Group has come together to create music that connects with their audience on a deep level. They’ve been able to share their music throughout the country with a variety of legendary artists we can only imagine seeing live in concert. 2021 will introduce fans once again to the glorious sounds of the John-Paul Jones […]

Chioke Performs “Crown” Live On The Loud & Proud Virtual Music & Arts Festival 2020

Chioke Dmachi confidently shines in the virtual performance of his single “Crown” at the NAMI OC Loud & Proud 2020 Virtual Music & Arts Festival. The stellar home concert shares the single off his HeartlessReign EP encouraging listeners to put on their crowns and become the powerful masters of their own lives. He sings “this world is mine/ I belong here” […]

T-Fairy ft. Loving Dream Collaborate On Catchy New Track “Fairytale”

Florida based artist T-Fairy collaborates with famous YouTuber and upcoming ATL artist Loving Dream in a new track and visual “Fairytale”. The song is a remix to the Drake and 21 Savage record “Mr. Right Now” which is currently on radio airwaves. The single is brought to life as the artists show off their personalities […]

Interview: Dominique Gill Finds The Good Within The Darkness In “The Blessing on Me”

With the releases of her brand new single “The Blessing on Me,” Gospel singer Dominique Gill speaks with us in an in-depth interview about her creative process, previous music releases and what her plans are for 2021. Learn more about Dominique Gill down below: Thank you for joining us – Congratulations on the release of “The Blessing on Me”! […]

Shifra Jacobs Anticipates The Release Of “Safe and Sound” Coming This January

Shifra Jacobs delivers an honest perspective on the previous relationships that have shaped her present moment in life in her upcoming single “Safe and Sound,” set to be released on January 6th. Jacobs promises an even more raw and honest outlook into the diverse feelings she’s felt while she also experiments with new sounds creating a whole new Shifra Jacobs to look forward […]

Songwriter Ralph Comfort Brings Us Home With New Single

Artist Website: Soundcloud Profile: YouTube Channel: Twitter Profile: Ralph Comfort is an influential Songwriter with a devoted following. His incredible career began with a bang in 2000, with the release of his first song, “My Dreams Ahead Are Gone.” Since then, he has constantly put out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill […]

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