2/16 Weekly Music Roundup

For our weekly roundup, we discovered FIVE new singles/albums this week that we just can’t stop raving about. Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Plastic Barricades – “Optimist”

“Optimist” details how life is all about how we view the situations in our lives and how we choose to overcome them. They place a focus on how the Australia fires, Amazon burnings, seas rising, air pollution and full trash dumps are issues that can cause great pain but being pessimistic about them isn’t going to help fix the issues. Watch as “Optimist” continues to inspire listeners throughout the world and unite to keep the optimism alive.

2. Vincent Darby – “Baby Oh I”

Vincent Darby brings a cinematic experience straight to his fans with soulful R&B showcasing a voice full of great maturity, finesse and flair in his latest single, “Baby Oh I.” The rising Jamaican-British soul singer, Vincent Darby, is leaving his mark in the R&B world with his own creative sound.

3. Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L

The first track released on the two-track double single is titled “Pisces,” which dives deeper into a pre-argument argument he’s had with an ex, where Breon is mentally preparing himself for the unexpected. The second track “Kill Me Now!” is the perfect counterpart to the first. Its opposite approach details the honeymoon period of a relationship where things are easy.

4. Angel Milan Beats – “Butter”

With a passion for energetic hip-hop and vibrant melodies, Angel Milan Beats creates compelling tracks that leave behind a memorable impression with the balance of witty lyrics and unforgettable melodies in his musical productions. The multi-talented producer’s most recent release, Butter, is the perfect example of what he’s capable of creating. He uses music as a means of self-expression that was instilled in him at a young age while also connecting with his audience on a much deeper level.

5. Elephant Heart – “Love Is The Weapon”

The “Love Is The Weapon” music video displays their shared passion for international travels, world beats and global cultures as they dance their way through different countries with their non-profit, Picture This. The fun and carefree visuals includes the young crowd enjoying themselves as they all sing and dance along to the catchy and significant chorus, “unite the people, love is the weapon.”

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