2/23 Weekly Music Roundup

Check out our NEWEST set of artists you have to check out!

1. Joe Ramsey – “Fork In The Road”

Indie singer/songwriter Joe Ramsey is starting off the year strong with the release of “Fork in the Road,” a personal, contemplative single for anyone who is struggling with their own personal fork in the road while also showcasing a new sound compared to his previous releases.

2. Dead Money – “Learning Curve”

“Learning Curve” sets the scene for a confrontational conversation about not being perfect for one person and the relationship ending terribly. In the end, it still becomes a lesson learned and something that we can avoid in the future. The beats of the enchanting drums, mind-blowing vocals, and unique production come together to create a single that should be played over and over again.

3. I WANT POETRY – “Growing Pains”

Indie duo I WANT POETRY emerges with their newest single “Growing Pains,” released on February 21. Together, they push the boundaries of imagination with visuals, Ambient elements, and encouraging lyricism that says “turn your dreams into a reality.”

4. NightZero – “Pieces”

With a transparent increase of energy and positive vibes in their music, NightZero proves Anthemic Rock can be a great fit for music lovers everywhere. Their inspirational lyricism is set to thake them to the next level as they make sure to understand the importance of music as a role in modern society.


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