2/9 Weekly Music Roundup

It’s a new week full of exciting singles/albums that caught our eyes and ears! Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Mark Ambuter –  “Love is Everywhere”

With an exciting musical introduction, Mark Ambuter returns with his latest single “Love Is Everywhere.” He praises the love he’s found everywhere he goes as the acoustic guitar, flute, and captivating lyrics create a mesmerizing folk-hippie kind of song. The moving new single can put anyone in a good mood as it makes us feel appreciative of the lives we have and love we can find anywhere we go.


2. Rev Unger Peter – “Reunion”

Rev Unger Peter reminisces on his relationship with his mother after she passes away in his newest beautiful song, “Reunion.” Throughout the song he mentions how her presence in his life helped shape him into the person he is today. The use of his reflections along with the sounds of powerful guitar riffs help bind this single together into a relatable,  heartwarming single.

3. Dirt Track Racer – Something’s Gotta Give

Something’s Gotta Give includes twelve songs geared towards fans of the Americana, country blues, folk, country, jazz, and latin music genres. Of the 12 songs eight of them are originals while the four others are covers woven together to fit their sound. Each song opens up a new page from their journal with a range of instrumentals, vocals, and sounds that attract a variety of listeners.

4. Mackenzie Nicole – “Fun”

The latest release of the Mystic album is the third track “Fun,” a detailed expression of not owing anything to anyone and finding out in the darkness that one must not give in to the destruction, but find a way to become free. “It was not until I was entirely alone that I realized it was not wings, but a cage,” she mentions.

5. Piper Landon – “Seasonal”

Pop artist Piper Landon releases brand new single “Seasonal,” which sets the mood for a sentimental night of questioning what could be happening with oneself during the change of seasons throughout the year. The catchy track features a distinct EDM-style beat with a gentle flow of vocals. Piper Landon demonstrates her natural abilities to write a relatable song with an enjoyable range of background beats.

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