3/8 Weekly Music Roundup

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1. The Atif – “If I Was a Girl” (Dubstep Remix)

For International Women’s Day, The Atif released “If I Was A Girl” featuring an outstanding, beat dropping Dubstep Remix. The new single brings to life the power women have while celebrating our differences on this annual celebratory day. Listen for the memorable inspirational words celebrating women all over the world and stay for the heart stopping, exciting beats you’ll want to relisten to over and over again.


2.  Drunk Vibes – “Fallen Paradise”

Beat producer Drunk Vibes comes full force with a slow-beat single titled “Fallen Paradise” for fans of Rap beats. The flow of the piano melody seems to run through the entire production in a way that hits the soul with each drop. Ending with only the piano as the final few moments, we get to hear this story run its course and the paradise they were going through has officially finished.

3. The Groove Project – “Leap Of Faith”

The Groove Project announces the release of “Leap Of Faith” as part of their plan to release a new single every month in anticipation of their full-length album to be released this Summer 2020.

As an upbeat and funky single, each member of the group brings their own unique perspective to the music with a variety of instruments and experience. “Leap of Faith” displays Mitchell’s brilliant saxophone playing right from the start until Lonnie Park shines with a cool and rhythmic piano solo. The single ends with Samituru’s crystal clean guitar flicks backed by the group’s airtight rhythm section.

4. My Autumn Amor – “Wish”

Inspiration is a driving force as My Autumn Amor encourages a variety of emotions for their listeners in their leading single, “Wish.” The visuals will move viewers through a French cafe in a homage to Audrey Hepburn and the movie Funny Face.

My Autumn Amor places a ton of care into the production of his music videos. “Wish” is just one example of putting together visuals that clearly intrigue their audiences while producing an enjoyable range of sounds and vocals. Make sure to listent to their single “Wish.”

5. Izzie Derry – “Take It From Me”

Combining influental elements of Folk, Blues, Country and Rock, musician Izzie Derry brings nothing but good vibes in her latest EP, Take It From Me.

The talented rising singer-songwriter releases four unapologetically real singles circling around life experiences she’s faced or experienced through a different point of view. Each sentiment detailed in her songs released as an independent artist give way to a long lasting future in the music industry.

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