4/19 Weekly Music Roundup

Enjoy these singles on this week’s weekly music roundup! We always bring you the hottest new songs that you can’t find anywhere else – stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Ata Erol – “You”

His newest release “You,” a high-energy single about a special someone in his life, is by a woman’s electric voice and sultry beats. It’s currently ranked top 10 on iTunes Dance Chart. “You” is an indication of how his sound has evolved over the years and shows his passion to continue master this popular music genre. Make sure to check out the release and follow him online!


2. Alexia Madrid – “For Me”

“For Me” is a much needed pick-me-up needed on those rainy days when everything feels like it’s going wrong. She poses the relatable question we’ve all felt multiple times in our lives, “what would life be if I’m living for me?” with a crisp range of drums flowing in the background.

Listen right here for a snippet of the full single available on April 24th from this talented Pop, R&B, and Soul artist!


3. King Mizzie – Mentally Scarred

From writing his first song at 9 years old to co-hosting with Blueface in a Miami club, King Mizzie’s passion for music is evident. Mentally Scarred is just one piece of the puzzle of being an independent artist and navigating the music industry as a CEO of his own record label.

One track King Mizzie knows his fans will identify with is “All Day,” which speaks on his personal journey while making each track happen. Its repetitive, high-energy lyrics blends in with a lively flow that makes this a highlight of the album.


4. Hailey Wild – “Ride Or Die”

“Ride Or Die” opens with an acoustic guitar packed with bluesy elements and percussion that’s finished off with the settling sounds of the piano. Her vocals sooth our eardrums as her voice ascends from the calming notes to a fierce range of vocals. Keep up with Hailey Wild online to catch the release of her debut album Young and Numb this Spring 2020. There will also be a tour through southern California in early summer and a San Antonio/Austin tour in August.


5. HOPEX – “Home”

The Netherlands-based electronic musician and DJ includes an addicting combination of future bass and trap in “Home.” Its unexpected drop comes as a woman’s voice sets the scene “they say you don’t got to go home but you can’t stay here.” Before the bass drops, listeners are drawn in with a Hip-Hop based, electronic sound that initially sets the mood and encourages listeners to get up and start dancing along.



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