8/23 Weekly Music Roundup

Here we go again! This week we’re bringing in five new songs hyping the crowds and from artists who are creating their own lane in the music industry. You know the drill – stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Charli – “N2”

In a visually vibrant effort to motivate listeners to live their true authentic themselves, Charli releases the music video for her latest single “N2,” which is all about completely loving ourselves!

By the end of the music video Charli appears ahead of the darkness, portraying how she has befriended these opposing sides and integrated them into her life. Both sides of herself are what makes her who she is and it’s visually pleasing to see both sides come together as one.

2. IAMKINGZIION – “L.L.D.K (Long Live Da King)”

Indie recording artist IAMKINGZIION releases his latest project L.L.D.K (Long Live da King) with five high-quality timeless songs displaying his growth as a musician, love for music, and everyday grind to become the best version of himself.

As the final song, “Dreams” is seen as an inspiration to follow your dreams and not letting anyone sway you off your path. This is one of those songs that get you moving and seeking what’s next while being able to get out of your head enough to listen to his raps and vibing with the dream-like instrumental.

Throughout the release, listeners get to learn more about IAMKINGZIION who has learned to fully embrace the process of producing music that creates an impact, stating “the 16th chapel wasn’t painted over night, quality takes time.”

3. Ben William – “Lacklustre”

With a love for writing original music and playing covers, William leads with his heart on his sleeve with this heavenly guitar filled track that puts listeners in a trance as they listen to the story of heartbreak unfold. It feels as if he’s speaking directly to someone specific as the song progress.

Tender guitar strums and powerful yet tranquil vocals grabs us in to every word he has to say. He doesn’t shy away from sharing the emotions he feels, which is fueled by a passion he feels to spread the hopefulness of everything working out between the two individuals.

4. Nasty Lad – “Call Of The Void”

Emerging independent artist Nasty Lad represents what courageously working on your passion looks like with the release of his album Call Of The Void. The Austin, TX native challenged his prior combinations of dark themes and textures to include light airy vocals listeners will be able to appreciate.

Call Of The Void is exactly what the title suggests – a collection of songs inspiring listeners to turn the stories they hear into their narratives. Ten tracks blend elements of lo-fi and synthwave building up the melancholic emotions behind the indie bedroom pop genre.

5. Saudy Familia – “Only You And Me”

New York is booming with fresh talent ready to share what they’ve got with the world – including Saudy Familia, a Dominican-born composer, songwriter and drummer releasing music like “Only You and Me” that attracts young American and Latino audiences to the rhythms and sounds of the beautiful Caribbean.

“Only You and Me” is Familia’s first Salsa composition telling the story of meeting the love of their life and embarking on a journey of beginning a romantic relationship. Featuring Rose Stoller on vocals, it would be difficult to tell that this is his first attempt at creating a Salsa based track.

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