8/30 Weekly Music Roundup

Here we go again! Enjoy the latest songs/albums catching our attention this week 🙂 Make sure to stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. By Small Ruin – “Some People”

Bryan Mullis, better known as By Small Ruin, powerfully stands his ground in his newest Alternative Rock single “Some People.” Prepare to get lost in another vulnerable yet influential song coming from him this year!

“But I got news my friend/ Some people will never box me in/ Take you down a notch/ Damned if you do, damned if you do not/ You know it’s all a game to them/ I’m gonna win it, rob them blind,” he sings.

2. K3 – “Entanglement”

K# mentions in our interview, “This song was actually an in the moment type thing. I saw that the topic was trending on social media really heavy so I decided to make a song about it. I started going through beats and I found one that was real smooth. I caught a nice flow with the first verse just mumbling. Usually when I catch that first melody I know that I’ll be able to finish the song fairly quickly. I’ve had my fair share of relationship issues and I have been on both sides of “Entanglements”. With this song I wrote from the perspective of Jada in her situation. I recorded it pretty quick at my home studio and released it the next day.”

3. Ilandria – “Strange Love”

In our most recent interview, she stated: ““Strange Love” is about my imaginary, dreamy world of love. It’s about an other-worldly creature falling in love with someone who is just as weird. I dedicate it to all of the couples who find each other through their strange habits and interests. It’s other-worldly but it’s realistic – we are all a little strange and have to find the right kind of strange for us.”

4. Lullaby – “See Me Through”

The Southern-Italian singer-songwriter currently living in Bristol, UK, portrays just what electro-pop means to her in this unique new single vividly describing the longing for adventure amidst the loneliness brought on by the worldwide lockdown.

There’s an enticing aspect to her signature poetic lyricism that instantly evokes a familiarity listeners will be able to relate with from the first listen. It takes us on a journey of self-exploration as we find ourselves back in that lonely space at home longing for the days when we would be able to go to our favorite public spaces again.

5. Flowmotion – “Want You Close”

Beginning with a fascination for the piano, music came into his life at an early age defining his love for the musical field. Hailing from Austria, “Want You Close” brings in those positive vibes while describing those addicitive emotions towards another person. It’s one of those songs that instantly put you in a good mood in a short period of time.

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