9/20 Weekly Music Roundup

Enjoy the latest songs/albums catching our attention this week! Make sure to stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends!

1. Don Barclay – “Breathe”

Don Barclay vividly portrays an image in our minds of a distinctive individual changing their life around in order to become a better person and partner. His innate storytelling abilities instantly pull us closer to his effortless, raw talent. His sound takes influence from artists such as James Gillespie, Adam French, Dermot Kennedy, Ben Howard and MILKK to encapsulate this classic indie-folk tune in a soulful, stripped back style filled with dreamy vocals and twangy instrumentals.

2. Black Sands – “River Soul”

Since making his debut earlier this year, producer Black Sands releases a brighter new single in comparison to the darker, electric anthems he’s released in the past. “River Soul” brings a sense of optimism with an addictive Electro-Pop feeling flowing throughout the track to embrace how positivity can still live in us even in the face of darkness.

3. Zeeish – “GEN OF PAIN: Story Of Sticks And Stones”

This album follows Gen of Dreams, which discusses the split of a relationship as two individuals identify their differing dreams in life. With the new release, he follows a post-breakup guideline that speaks of the hard fought dreams he’s pursuing, lack of money, lack of passion, boredom, lack of real relationships, which then takes the turn into experimenting with vices and pleasures all ending with a voice message to his ex girlfriend.

4. Jay-M – “Til Death Do Us Part”

He mentions, “This album represents my passion for music and to inspire anyone to achieve their goals, no matter how many setbacks they encounter. Paint your canvas and walk in it.”

5. Akaya – “Belong To Me”

Inspired by a variety of musical genres including Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, Electronica, House music, Trap, Reggaeton and R&B, Akaya blends these sounds to create fun, enjoyable music. “Belong To Me” is one of the few releases in teh past few years that shows his versatility as an artist capable of connecting with a wide audience.

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