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Introducing: Bryanpreneur – Corona Conspiracy (feat. Reala G)

Bryanpreneur is an up-and-coming artist with a small audience. About Bryanpreneur’s artist bio, he’s from Malaysia and as a Malaysian Chinese Rapper. He has previously released 3 other songs before this. His influences are Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Nas, J. Cole, and Royce Da 5’9″. He […]


Introducing: Whole Damn Mess Release New Song & Accompanying Video For “Nothing In The World Feels Better” With More New Music To Come In 2021

Packing a potent punch with timeless songcraft and unbridled energy Los Angeles band Whole Damn Mess is – Don Miggs, C. Todd Nielsen, Lawrence Katz, and Greg Hansen. The group’s collaborative songwriting style, artistic connection, and collective years of experience is part of what makes this band standout. Their new song “Nothing In The World […]


Introducing: Homicide Doll Shares “Hatred For Love” In Newest Album

Independent artist Homicide Doll follows the release of The War Inside My Head with the latest therapeutic new album Hatred For Love reminiscing on the sad, painful endings in his life keeping him in a state of remembrance over what isn’t in his life anymore. The 16-track album puts into perspective all of the moments […]


Introducing: atticus. Comes To Peace With The Ebb & Flow Of Life In “Stonefruit”

Independent and self-produced artist atticus. shares an intimate exploration of emotions felt in his everyday life in the latest album Stonefruit. The Seattle-based artist primarily focuses on conscious and poetic hip hop leaving behind a bittersweet feeling starting off with the debut single off the album, “Peach.” He finds himself letting go of those who he needs to say goodbye […]


Introducing: Singer-Songwriter Stephen Guizar Releases Comforting Collection Of Creative Elements In New “With Love” Album

Finding inspiration in the tiniest yet memorable moments of his life, singer-songwriter Stephen Guizar keeps a portfolio of experiences in his back pocket now coming together as his newly released album With Love, now available on all streaming platforms. Each single in the 11-track album includes its own familiar yet distinctive elements, which he mentions […]


Introducing: Windfread Finds Comfort In Not Feeling “Too Comfortable”

Self-Producing artist Windfread takes things slow in a new relationship to avoid being “Too Comfortable” as they come closer together. The single instantly establishes how he feels, which is something many listeners will be able to take to heart and remember a time when they found themselves in a similar situation. “Too Comfortable” places Windfread in […]


Introducing: Mia Stegner Turns The “Scribbles” From Her Life Into A Delightful New Single Off Her Upcoming Album

Mia Stegner is a singer, songwriter and storyteller navigating the hidden depths of her inner reality. Previous albums Painting The Bathroom Green and Indebted to Blue chronicle the path to discovering who she is on a deeper level as she discusses mental health and finding comfort in her own solitude. The upcoming single “Scribbles” is the first release […]


Introducing: Livv Megan – “Fallin”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Livv Megan releases “Fallin,” a romantic yet reminiscent single speaking about a lost love with the heartwarming lyrics “If I’m fallin would you wanna come?/ If I’m fallin would you, If I’m fallin would you, If im fallin would/ If I’m fallin would you wanna come?” The new single “Fallin” follows the release of “Just A Moon” […]


Introducing: Federico Ambrosi – “Conscious”

Italian DJ and Producer Federico Ambrosi shares his newest beats on “Conscious,” flowing with a steady beat that hypes the crowd up before going into a crazy, intense drop. The Verona, Italy based DJ began his career playing in one of the renowned clubs in his hometown named “AlterEgo” after discovering his desire to express his emotions through beats. Since then, […]


Introducing: Marlon D – “Change Is Gonna Come”

California-based hip hop artist Marlon D officially shares the music video for “Change Is Gonna Come,” a single off of his latest album ACT 2. He’s previously released his own mixtapes and albums through his own imprint, MD Entertainment, including his first solo album Shadows Of My Reflection. As well as appearing as an opening act for numerous legends such as Guru from […]


Introducing: Monieo – “Gone Over You”

Devonte Brooks, better known as Monieo, is a name you’ll want to remember this year as more and more impressive independent artists come up in the music industry. This Baltimore-based singer and songwriter prepares to release his first heartstopping single titled “Gone Over You” through the record label, Incisive Entertainment. As an R&B independent artist, music has always been […]


Introducing: Yazmine MB – “I Do”

18 year old Yazmine MB wows listeners with her newest release, “I Do,” which pays homage to the act of being in long term commitments while exploring themes of reluctancy and regret. Yazmine MB is no stranger to the big stages, having played in venues like The 100 Club, the National Portrait gallery, as well as a sell-out show at […]

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