A Circle Of Faith – “In Jesus’ Name”

The musical collective A Circle Of Faith release their newest collaboration “In Jesus’ Name,” which aims to remind us that “His love is real” with a positive outlook within the lyrics and an upbeat kind of beat engaging listeners from the very first listen.

A Circle Of Faith was founded in January 2020 by songwriter and producer Allen Brooks. It is comprised of artists from all over the world coming together to spread the word on His love through Christian music Allen has written. Inspiring lyrics like “The Bible teaches us that every life matters/ The young, the old and all in-between/ Every person and of every color/ He loves us all just the same” influence listeners to lead the way for someone in their lives.

“In Jesus’ Name” follows the releases of  “Walk With Me Now,” “My Lord And King,” and “Prayer Revival” featuring musicians from Canada, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia, Norway, Uruguay, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and The United States.

Allen Brooks plans on releasing four new songs in the upcoming future – make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Stay tuned for the Spanish version of this release coming very soon! In the meantime, follow their journey and support their past releases online:


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