A-Sells, The Turkish Delight Band – “There and Back”

Texas-based indie-rap/rock band release their debut EP There and Back as a collective of talented musicians and creatives in Dallas. The team came together to write, record, mix and master the EP themselves in-house at their own studio.

Members Alec Sells (lead vocals), Chase Lueke, and Jace Caton (multi-instrumentalists, audio engineers) lead the Turkish Delight operation with focus on different aspects of their business ventures and music. There and Back solidifies their work as a band creating their first EP together aside from their solo projects.

Opening with “They Don’t Want You Hanging With Us,” the single details hearing from other people that they’re not the right people to be around when in reality, “it’s all about the music and the love.”

“Make America Groovy Again” features feel-good beats as they sing of a better time where everyone is feeling groovy with one another and avoiding problems.

“H I P P I” is a standout single as they rap about living the lavish life they’ve dreamed of and keeping a confident demeanor against everything that comes up in life.

“14K Feet” details feeling like you’re thousands of feet below the ground. The song ends with an ensemble of artists singing  together to the beat of the drums. It unifies the idea that even when you feel alone, there are other people around ready to go through it with you.

The final track “Breakthrough” collects all the hard hitting verses and beat drops they’ve released throughout the EP to bind together their collective of five tracks for everyone to enjoy. “I don’t wanna make you break you, I  just wanna make you break through” they rap with an invigorating guitar riff going from start to finish.

Along with creating music, they own a multi-media production company Turkish Delight Productions where they produce music videos, audio production, merch, and podcasts. Check out their debut EP There and Back, you won’t regret it.


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