Ahanu Creates Moments Of Inspiration In Latest EP “Happy Endings”

Singer, songwriter, and rapper Ahanu releases a reflective new EP Happy Endings appreciating how life has turned out for him and the lessons learned over time. His R&B, chill, downtempo Trap style liberates the impactful moments of the past, the present, and the future that have stayed with him as he continues to evolve and give advice to himself and anyone who listens.

“BREATHE” opens up with a piano instrumental discussing the growth he’s experienced throughout the previous years. His level of maturity is commendable as he sings about finding himself through the darkness. In the middle of the sentimentally relatable lyricism, standout lyrics such as “gotta learn to let it breathe/ had learned what worked for me” and “trynna find yourself/ it can be so hard to obtain/ gotta keep it going” share some motivation to keep pushing even in times of uncertainty.

“QUAKER” appreciates the difficult days where it felt like everything was going wrong but it was just pulling Ahanu towards the right direction in life. “I don’t give my love away no more/ I give it to myself” identifies itself with those feelings of turmoil over not being where we imagine our lives to be.

Finalizing with the EP titled single “HAPPY ENDINGS,” Ahanu shares an uplifting message of everything being alright as we go on in life. It shares the epitome of discovering he’s capable of creating his own reality and it doesn’t matter too much what the other people around him do as long as he’s happy. The smooth trap soundscape vibrantly flows with the blissfully peaceful lyricisms full of hope.

The entire EP is an ode to the spiritual side of himself that chronicles the struggles of growing around people who don’t have the same vision as himself with a memorable melodic Emo rap vibe keeping his inspiring lyrics and melodies stuck in our heads. Connect with Ahanu down below and follow his journey to enlightenment as he continues to share his stories through the powerful comfort of music releases.


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