Alaskan Rhino – “Beaches and Rhinos”

Dance/Electronic producer Alaskan Rhino creates danceable anthems in the House, Chill, EDM, Dance, synth-pop, industrial, experimental, and Trip-Hop genres such as two of his latest singles “Hello” and “Beaches and Rhinos” available as of today.

“Hello” feels like the start of a perfect summer. Its introductory soundscape features the sensible flow of a woman’s vocals and rhythmic whistles amping up the lyrical theme of the beginning of something brand new. Listening to this new track will inspire the desire to dance the day away to the blissful beats keeping us up on our feet.

The experimental “Beaches and Rhinos” change up the vibe with the merge of distinctive musical genres creating a creatively memorable instrumental. With the single’s beats quickly speeding up then coming down to a slowed tempo, Alaskan Rhino tries something different that creates the feeling of being right in the middle of an entirely new world.

Find both releases on all streaming platforms plus on our Spotify playlist, stuck on our minds.


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