Alaskan Rhino Releases “I Was a Model Back in Texas”

Dance/Electronic producer Alaskan Rhino creates a unique soundscape helping listeners escape from their realities of life in the entrancing, space-like 12-song album I Was a Model Back in Texas.

The entire album takes listeners through a psychedelic journey of peace with a consistent groove flowing through each track experimenting with his signature Dance, House, Chill, EDM, Synth-Pop, Industrial, and Trip Hop sounds. Alaskan Rhino makes everyone who listens feel included in his journey, whether it’s by making listeners feel like they’re in the middle of a video game, flying through space, or floating in the middle of the ocean with his songs.

Tracks such as “Pandemic (Covid-19)” puts us in the middle of the chaotic, rushed feeling we’ve felt all year with its follow up single “Do You Know Me” creating a mysterious feel to the eccentric positivity running down its electronic synths. The few select lyrics intentionally builds up the journey of living life without much of an expectation of what’s coming next. Each release remains memorable by welcoming in a large variety of genres listeners can instantly feel connected to as the album progresses.

It’ll be exciting to see what comes next from Alaskan Rhino.


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