Alek Virago Tells Her Story Of Love In “Hostage”

Growing up on the sounds of Billie Eilish, Beyonce, and Demi Lovato, breakout R&B singer-songwriter Alek Virago found influence in her father who is a former singer and pro-athlete to pursue a similar path. She’s been forming a powerful presence in the R&B and Pop genres starting with the release of television show theme songs, music covers of other artist’s songs and producing single releases close to her heart.

Compared to the likes of Australian Pop songstress Sia, producers and engineers in North Carolina collaborated with Virago in debuting her first single “Exhale” then “Stay,” and her latest track “Hostage.” Her newest R&B and Soul single blends a gentle flow of confident lyricism detailing one important life lesson, smooth vocal production and overall charming musicality pulling listeners in with this one single. Including powerful vocals and relatable stories ready to be heard by the world, Alek Virago is on her way to releasing her debut EP Blindside available sometime this upcoming year. Find “Hostage” everywhere.


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