Alex and The Wonderland – “Searching For Myself”

Alex and The Wonderland is off to a great start with his latest release “Searching For Myself,” which features special guests Dana Immanuel of The Stolen Band and Lara “Flo” Lee, the finalist on BBC’s The Voice.

The animated music video offers a close-up look into his life while he was longing to reconnect with himself. What started off as a personal mission became as a way for others to relate to his message and feel less alone in their situations. As Alex says, “Piece by piece, I’m getting there. We are our own referee in this game, after all!”

This folk-inspired track is rooted in Pop, Americana, and Country sounds that turns the auto-biographical song into a feel-good anthem about his emotions.

Written in June 2018, “Searching For Myself” has gone through modifications to get to where it is today. As his well-being recovered, his alterations became a flow of memorable moments where the instruments shine and distinct vocals that will inspire you to relisten to this sentimental song.

Connect with “Searching For Myself” as you listen to the clever lyrics and fun visuals set in place by Alex and The Wonderland. It surely won’t dissapoint!


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