Alex G Decribes The Long-Lasting Feeling In “My Love’s Naive And Out Of Fashion”

Alex G takes inspiration from Bulat Okudzhava’s song “Arbatskiy Dvoryanin” in this love song specifically about the mood and not the person. “My Love’s Naive And Out Of Fashion” has that special touch of American folk or American Classic Rock songs.

“It’s a bit of a melancholy love song that captures a bit of a “slice of life” that we’ve all felt. I first translated the lyrics of the original song, but they were particularly difficult to translate to English, so I re-wrote them to keep the same feel and most of the ultimate point of the song. I also changed some of the melody of the original song,” he shares. 


The One Who Didn’t:

Shakespeare Song (acoustic):

Shakespeare Song: (electric):

Guardians Of Souls:

Song For Parents – About Baby’s First Laugh:

Song For Parents – For Newborns:

Unresolved Love Song:

Enchanting Woman, love song:



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