Alex G Releases “Oh Michaelangelo” To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Alex Genadinik introduces listeners to a new love song inspired by the painting The Creation of Adam by Italian artist Michaelangelo created for Valentine’s Day. The melancholic single release shares the deep love found between two people who have grown to care for one another. “Ohhh Michaelangelo/ Painted God and Adam in the sky/ Ohhh Michaelangelo/ In the painting, I see my love-and-I,” he sings.

Influenced by U.S. and Russian singers including Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bulat Okudzhava, and Vladimir Vysotskly, Genadinik includes a mellow piano melody gently putting together his calming vocals with romantic lyrics uniting listeners on this festive holiday. His onstage presence allows his audience to connect with him through the live footage of himself singing in between the expressive visuals of the painting The Creation of Adam.

Find “Oh Michaelangelo” on all streaming platforms and follow Alex G. online:, and

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