Alex G Spreads Kindness With Translated Version Of “Blue Trolley”

Alex G composes a beautifully produced translation to a song released by the popular Russian-Soviet artist Bulat Okudzhava in this new single about the kindness shared between strangers as seen in a variety of different ways. Translated to “Blue Trolley,” the single details boarding a train only to discover how this seamlessly easy connection to other human beings gives us a chance to connect just by being in each other’s presence.

His deep vocals bring to life the story of kindness with only a guitar in hand acoustically blending in the vivid imagery of people coming together in one setting while spreading hopefulness with the song’s message. He creates an intriguing new single sharing exactly how talented he is as a musician.

“With them more than once,
I’ve left troubles behind
With them I’ve rubbed shoulders together
Imagine the kindness
we share in silence
We’re silent in kindness”

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