Alexia Madrid Introduces Debut Single “For Me”

Toronto, Canada is home to some of the most influential, inspiring artists known around the world. Singer-songwriter Alexia Madrid gears up to join that long list of influences with the release of her debut single “For Me,” available on all streaming platforms on April 24.

“For Me” follows the release of her very impressive yet brief singles, “O Canada” and “L.D.R.” Her catchy hooks and intriguing melodies blend with ease to deliver a raw performance that will instantaneously attract many new fans. Their short time frames makes us wish there was more to listen to, which thankfully is fulfilled with the release of our new favorite song.

In this new single, she effortlessly creates music that’s relatable to everyone who listens. Her ability to connect with others is apparent through a pure, mesmerizing collection of lyrics fitting for everyone from all walks of life. Alexia manages to unequivocally connect musical influences from a diverse range of artists.

The short and inspirational visualizer produces a heartwarming sense of “I deserve better in life and I have the power to chase my dreams for myself.” As her debut single, Alexia Madrid is connecting with listeners through the idea that doing things for ourselves will make us happier in the end and that we don’t have to please other people by doing something that doesn’t make us happy.

“For Me” is a much needed pick-me-up needed on those rainy days when everything feels like it’s going wrong. She poses the relatable question we’ve all felt multiple times in our lives, “what would life be if I’m living for me?” with a crisp range of drums flowing in the background.

The singer-songwriter uses her voice and clever songwriting skills to fully express her emotions towards a variety of topics of importance ranging from self-love, relationships, living in her native home in Canada, and experiencing life to the fullest. It’s in her honest and creative persona that she finds the words to describe exactly how she’s feeling.

Her beautiful vocals instantly shine in “O Canada” as she embraces everything that’s great about Canada. Natives across the world can feel her appreciation for their country and all the love that went into putting the song together.

As an introduction to her musical style and vocal range, “L.D.R.” powerfully puts listeners in a trance with her distinctive voice and calming flow of the piano. This introductory snippet quickly displays an extensive amount of talent that Alexia Madrid holds by the end of the homemade music video.

Fans of Ariana Grande, Halsey, Bebe Rexha or Billie Eilish will immediately feel at home with “For Me,” as it displays Alexia’s creative approach to songwriting and modern R&B touch heard throughout the background. It’s clearly an astonishing studio single that listeners will want to keep playing over and over again.

Follow this incredible young artist through her journey of self-discovery and happiness with her new release and stay tuned for her upcoming singles that you won’t want to miss out on. Keep your eyes out for the release of “For Me” on April 24!


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