Allie Crummy Finds Balance In Debut EP “Every Story Has an Author”

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Allie Crummy reflects on the particular beliefs she holds based on what she believes to be true about God with what is happening all around her. The newest EP Every Story Has an Author is delivered through honest lyrics, emotive vocals, and fun melodies everyone who listens can instantly enjoy.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Crummy intertwines her love for Americana/roots in her music with the latest EP Every Story Has an Author brimming with the most profound truths from her life and accompanying music videos sharing her truth. Her influences from blues to bluegrass to classical music inspired the indie-folk sound found within this EP with each song including its own point of view based on scripture or impactful moment in her life. Enjoy the rest of the EP right here:

Follow Allie Crummy on YouTube to get to know her – find music videos/lyric videos, unreleased originals, and displaying more of her kindhearted personality!



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