Alpha Cat – “Mockingbird”

Elizabeth McCullough, also known by her artist name Alpha Cat, shares her top single “Mockingbird” off her recently released LP, Thatched Roof Glass House.

As a woman of many talents, Elizabeth McCullough uses her various creative skills to create as a photographer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. She has taken a much-needed break from performing for more than a decade and now returns with music that can bring on a good time with meaningful lyrics and unique beats.

Opening the Thatched Roof Glass House LP is the single, “Mockingbird.” The song begins with exhilarating electric guitar riffs that prepare the listener for the catchy, calming beats and lyrics that are quickly approaching. The lyric video provides calming visuals as it shows different angles of a birds nest with the lyrics popping up at the beat of each word.

Her vocals are incredibly unique, that alone brings a distinct sound to the lyrics about being who you are. McCullough advices people to avoid everything that’s new to them in order to not be affected by anything. “Shoot the messenger if you don’t want to hear the news/ stay away from him if you don’t wanna catch the blues/ nonsense, too intense/ cover up your eyes/ never look in the book/ the cover will suffice,” she sings.

Thatched Roof Glass House feature similar tracks on the 7-track high-beat LP. Each song in its simplest form.

Listen to Elizabeth McCullough’s LP Thatched Roof Glass House down below:

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