Alva Gunner – “Circles” Cover

Alva Gunner and his beautiful furry companion share their newest music video covering “Circles” by Post Malone. The musician and music producer creatively includes scenes that showcases his musical talents and appreciation for his puppy.

The love and affection he shows his puppy in this dedication is apparent throughout the rest of the video. The music video goes through a variety of scenes such as him singing to her in the very end, him stuck in the dog cage as he trades places with her, and both of them spending time together on their big, comfy bed.

His soft, gentle vocals accomplishes to emulate Post Malone’s ability to hit the high notes and super low ranges in a captivating way that draws us into his sound. He stands in front of a mic as he belts out the popular and catchy chorus,”I dare you to do something/ I’m waiting on you again/ Run away/ But we’re running in circles.”

Come through for the interesting visuals and stay for the cute puppy staring right back at you.

Check out this cool cover of “Circles” and let us know your thoughts!


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