Alvin – “Seven Oaks”

British singer songwriter, Alvin, blends poetic melodies with rich unfiltered vocals that provoke echoes of intimacy in his newest EP, Seven Oaks.

Alvin first premiered on BBC’s Introducing Manchester after the release of his debut EP Many Happy Returns. Memorable and confessional lyrics allure listeners to Seven Oaks, a captivating five-song EP featuring beautiful harmonies based on unlocking our most deepest fantasies.

The sensual opener track, “Sentient,” speaks of loving a girl who doesn’t love herself yet he tries to help her understand all the love he has for her. Rainy, gentle sounds flood the tears induced by this vocally and instrumentally mesmerizing single. “Eyes” expores the idealization people have when it comes to their crushes or partners. As much as he wants to get close to one person, he understands the eyes can be deceiving in certain times as she can confidently sell any dream to anyone.

“The Rise” depicts the darkness we can feel in our lives when deciding between two very important people. The black and white visuals show Alvin going through the pain with electrifying beats and the drums taking over in the background.

“Wonderland” takes us on a ride through unknown worlds as he tries to figure out this girl who isn’t fully letting him into her world. The final track “The Wandering Vinyl,” dissects his emotions after moving out of his parents house to find his own inner peace. It’s the perfect way to finish this revelatory EP based on our emotions, growing fantasies and deepest secrets.

Discover your wildest dreams with this incredible EP that deserves more than one listen. Stream Seven Oaks on all streaming platforms right here!


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