Amadante – “Blue Green Yellow”

Have you ever wondered what colors could sound like in a song? Singer-songwriter Amadante takes an incredible creative approach of putting together his newest single “Blue Green Yellow” in a colorful, passionate, and radiant way that instantly brightens your day.

Amadante’s music is intimate and confessional. It’s the kind of song you’ll hear on the radio on a moody day yet feel like there is hope that everything will get better by the end of the day. As a piano-based songwriter, he takes his music to the next level with a uniquely strong, melodic pop/rock style that finds its way into the listener’s hearts and easily a part of their daily lives.

​He describes those emotional state of minds that we can constantly find ourselves in wheever we go through something. Blue indicates the sadness inside of us when something doesn’t go our way, green indicates envy surrounding us, and yellow is for the bright days when we feel content with everything. He has a special way of makig us feel like we’re through the emotions right there with him as he sings in a calm, soulful voice that instantly captivates our attention.

Learning how to play the piano at a very young age opened the door for him to develop the passion for music and the way it can make people feel. But, returning to music after a long hiatus is what sparked the fire within him to begin playing hiw own music again.

​As he would describe it, when a melody emerges from the movement of his fingers on the piano, that is when the song flows into its own creation and completely becomes one. Listen to “Blue Green Yellow” to truly experience the magic created by Amadante:

“Blue Green Yellow” flows through a psychedelic Rock style leaning towards a merge with Pop that softly increases its momentum to give a variety of musical sounds. His soothing vocals spew out comfort and hope as he starts speaking of the joys and tribulations of life. His poetic verses create vivid visuals that help us analyze his ideas on the colors and strong sense of intimacy diaplying a honest and personal emotion.

Get ready to hear more of Amadante these upcoming months as we can guarantee his music will put a smile on your face!

The newest single “Blue Green Yellow” finds you when you need that spark of inspiration to get you through the day an doesn’t appear to let you go. If you like what you hear, make sure to listen to his past releases “A Perfect Day” and 3-song EP Colourful Love.


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