Amey St Cyr – “Life’s Too Short”

This year has been an influential time for the entire country showing us how life is just way too short to not appreciate what we have going in our lives as well as lettig go of our dreams for a simple life.

“Life’s Too Short” is singer, songwriter, actor and model Amey St Cyr’s newest upbeat single reminding us to find a reason to turn back to the love and sharing it to bring in more light and love into the people in our lives. The positivity flowing through the single is simply contagious.

The nu-disco dance anthem gets eveyone on the dancefloor jumping with its fast paced, cheerful beats and catchy lyrics such as “Life’s too short to be unhappy/ Don’t be shy come join the party/ Life’s too short to be unhappy/ Come on won’t you sing it with me.”

With an array of upbeat songs in her collection of songs, Amey aims to leave listeners with a positive message while sharing her love for uplifting, retro-tinged dance music people can enjoy.

Stream “Life’s Too Short” and share the motivating new single with someone in your life today!


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