Amey St. Cyr Shares Uplifting Dance Single “Do You Feel It Too??”

Following the release of Amey St. Cyr’s debut single “Life’s too short,” a nu-disco dance anthem, she releases the latest “Do You Feel It Too??” keeping a positive outlook on life after the difficult year of Covid-19. The storyline follows two people who meet on the dancefloor and dance the night away as the chemistry between them increases. They ask each other if they feel the glowing sensations between them: “Will this be a great romance?? A one-night-stand?? Or will it be love??” as listeners hear the story erupt into a frenzy of danceable tunes and catchy lyrics.

The single starts with an electrifying electronic beat as Amey introduce two people who meet and come together with away. Its positive energy flows throughout the single as they continue to come closer to one another and the sounds closer to the end transform into a mix of Dance-synthed beats filled with uplifting vocals keeping listeners on their feet. If you enjoyed this single, make sure to check out the rest of her past releases.


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