ANDREA – “Fighting For”

Influenced by the Scandinavian pop scene, singer-songwriter Andrea dives into these emotions driven by heartbreak while addressing the pressures of being a young adult in her newest single “Fighting For,” available on September 18.

Andrea’s passion for music is seen in her music detailing the seemingly miniscule yet life-changing moments that define us including the joys, heartbreaks, and lessons learned along the way. The melodic and rhythmic elements in “Fighting For” are defining components of the single mixed in with positive lyrics keeping Andrea optimistic of what’s to come in the future.

“I know what I’m fighting for/ I’ve been making plans but I don’t know how/ No I don’t know how, but I’ll work it out/ ‘Cause one day I will be sure/ I know what I’m fighting for,” Andrea sings as she inspires listeners to continue fighting for what’s important to them.

Since heartbreak is a common factor in many music releases from this year, we’ve seen how the relatable topic has made a huge difference in people’s lives. Andrea’s approach is intriguingly beautiful and keeps us excited for her musical growth as the years go by.

Keep an eye out for the refreshing new sounds and ideas shared in “Fighting For,” available this upcoming September 18th!


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