Anjelica Brings Out New Classic “Good Ones”

Wake up, boys and girls, because we’ve got a definitive good one for you today. That’s right, we’re talking about Anjelica’s brand new track “Good Ones” that sounds like something completely out of this world.

A young and highly talented artist, Anjelica was branded “a young Christina Aguilera” by none other than American Idol judge Simon Cowell, infamous for his harsh critique. So that ought to tell you a thing or two about this artist.

And if it doesn’t, hey, then all you need to do is listen to “Good Ones”, and you’ll get what he was talking about. This beautiful, esoteric piece has an alien rhythm to it.

The song starts out slow, but builds up into a real crescendo. Anjelica’s haunting voice rises until it becomes everything you can heat. It fills your head, and it won’t leave it for a long time. It’s just that kind of song that obsesses you, forcing you to listen to it again and again.

One aspect that really strikes you about this song is that the artist’s voice combines perfectly with the music itself. While the beat is repeated and slow, Anjelica’s voice takes center stage. But that’s the point. The music is just low enough so as not to be obtrusive and let Anjelica’s voice shine, but just loud enough to be heard. It accentuates the lyrics and the overall feeling present in the tune at all the right moments, creating a symphony of sound that will capture even the pickiest of listeners.

It’s a song sort of like a mourning, but then, that’s what it’s supposed to be. It conveys all this emotion, all this suffering, so that you really feel for the artist. Furthermore, it’s relatable and applicable to anyone’s life, as it’s a song about loss.

Even if it doesn’t touch on an actual loss in your life, it connects with the fear of losing someone.

“Good Ones” is a dream-like track that you need to listen to. Why? To dream, of course.

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