Anna Aarons – “Her”

Singer-songwriter Anna Aarons releases a Pop-filled flowing with catchy elements of Soul in her latest release, “Her.”

In this new single, she opens up about her relationship with her younger sister who’s only five years younger yet is a wise and protective person in her life. Five years after first writing “Her,” Anna Aarons reappears with a groovy, new production on the track.

Infused with positive lyricism and engaging vocals, “Her” has the power to brighten up anyone’s day. This new track is heavily inspired by Amy Winehouse, Jazz, Pop and Indie sounds that instantly create an enjoyable three minutes.

The jazzy opening ties together the drums, piano and other instruments with her catchy melodies and strong vocals. An inspiring solo lets the instruments shine all on its own. It’s a refreshing song that will capture any listener’s attention!

Hailing from London, Anna Aarons, is someone you’ll want to keep an eye on! Her undeniable talent is paving the way for many new listeners to discover her music. Make sure to follow her online to listen to the release of her upcoming single, “Since You Went Away.”


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