Annabelle Pepper – “Love Of Mine”

Annabelle Pepper releases a romantic single titled “Love Of Mine” with passionate lyrics sweet enough for listeners to dedicate to their loved ones.

Music kept Annabelle Pepper inspired as she battled a serious illness that caused a disability and changed her entire life. It was expressing her emotions and life experiences that inspired her to stay motivated during the very difficult times. The American-Israeli storyteller began writing songs, scripts, plays, and a book to reach a wider audience with her stories.

As she’s now making her dreams come true and will soon release a new EP with 4 Indie songs, Pepper has lots to look forward to in the upcoming year.

Her sweet lyrics in “Love Of Mine” including “What are you trying to say to me?/ Come on let’s give it a try/ I know you’re loving me baby/ You are the love of my life” create a sense of imagery as the gentle, guitar filled single qucikly grasp our attention and leave us wanting more.

Love encompases the theme of the song with a sound that quickly holds listeners in. Check it out yourself!


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