Aria Elan – “I Do”

Singer-songwriter Aria Elan depicts the perfect love story between a group of couples who are about to get married in a variety of dream destinations with appealing mountainous views surrounding them. Her latest single “I Do” features passionate lyrics set for anyone’s special night together.

Flowing with tender, peaceful harmonies to the beautfiul visuals, “I Do” signals the beginning of a couple’s union and commitment to one another. “I could barely wait to go on our date/ Taking my time/ To create/ The look that made me your mate” she recalls while reminiscing on their first date.

In the chorus, she mentions all the reasons why she chooses to be with this one person in a romantic list of attributes that makes her want to say “I Do” each day that lead to their fairy-tale wedding.

This smooth R&B love song is relaxing and inspiring while the scenes depict a collection of valuable moments that most people would never want to forget. “The words that I say are true/ I want to please you/ So I do” she sings as a bride turns back to look at her future husband walking towards her.

Check out the music video for “I Do” for a charming, fairy-tale story between couples ready to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives together. Leave us a commment down below with your thoughts after you’ve finished watching!


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