Attxla – “Ebb” Album Review

In just under an hour, singer, songwriter, and producer Attxla creates a work of art with his debut album titled Ebb.

Following the release of his first EP, Spurned, Attxla goes from speaking about the harsh rejection and self doubt he felt in the EP to how life can change within a two year span. Now with Ebb, it’s a similar yet distinctive voice. As he mentions, “It’s about self-doubt, seeking self-awareness, being unlucky in love, depression, anxiety, issues with not feeling worthy of love or life, among other things.”

The 10-track pop album, featuring collaborations from fellow Houston artists Lyta, Kenner Wells, and Nate Drop has an intriguing aquatic theme. Ebb constantly refers to the incoming and outgoing “ebb and flow” phases of a shore’s tide, something we hear lots of throughout the album.

Attxla’s sound is nothing short of extraordinary as he combines elements of Pop, R&B, Electronic, and Ambient music to bring listeners into a sensation of being in an easy flowing dream casted by Attxla’s thoughts and ideas. A couple of songs on the album, including ‘Abyssal Plain” and “I Did” end with what sounds like someone being submerged in and out of water. This kind of imagery along with the calming beats in the background allow us to imagine how he must’ve felt while writing the album.


“Choose Him”

“Feel It”

“Like I Do” ft. Kenner Wells

“I Did”

“Deep Sea” ft. Nate Drop

“Abyssal Plain”



“Mind Mend”

“Sway” ft. LYTA

Lyrically, the album shows listeners how Attxla discovers himself through self-reflection, self-actualization, and experiencing unrequited love. The entire album is over as soon as it starts but through it all, it keeps you wanting more.

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