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Music Trails was created to cover rising independent artists building their own legacies and sharing their talents with the world. Keeping music fans like YOU updated with artists on our radar. Sit back and enjoy catching up with new music releases that will light a fire in you to keep hustling after your dreams!

V.AN – “Sweet But Fierce”

V.AN releases her latest captivating single “Sweet But Fierce.” The soft pop track contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted. “Sweet But Fierce” takes the listener on a musical journey where V.AN showcases her artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic pop style with a modern soul vibe. The emotion-drenched dreamy vocals and soothing instrumentation […]

Japan, Korea, and Vietnam partner with America to release hit singles “FENDI” and “22”

When cultures combine, something beautiful occurs in music. “FENDI” and “22” reflects the masterpieces from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and America. Several artists from various denominations have made it their goal to bring to the world something amazing through music. The rappers have been making strides in their musical careers and have broken out of the […]

Hillary Reese Single Release: “Wildfires”

Ablaze Entertainment is proud to announce Hillary Reese’s latest single release, “Wildfires.” Motivated and inspired by the women of country music that have kicked down the doors of traditional roles and inspired and empowered women across the globe, Hillary has come strong with Wildfires! Speaking to those who have underestimated her in her personal and professional life, Wildfires shows her resolve […]

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