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Interview: Lucas Berloff Discusses Upcoming Projects & “Coagula”

London-based singer/songwriter Lucas Berloff reflects on the important moments in his life, as displayed throughout his stories in Coagula. Join us in speaking about Berloff’s nostalgic memories of living in Brazil and experiencing the joys of living a life full of possibilities. Thank you for speaking with us! How’s everything going this year? How has the […]

Interview: Kashimir Riley Delivers Electrifying Energy In “The Truth Breaks Me Up”

Fusing together a flurry of nationalities and various influences, Kashimir Riley is an emerging singer-songwriter, producer and dancer hailing from the metropolitan hub of Shanghai, Tokyo. Often compared to artists like Bjork, she is known for her versatile vocals and electrifying energy that makes for a truly unstoppable live performance. Her music is deeply authentic, […]

Paul Middleton – “Take On Me”

British pop musician, well-known LGBTQ performer, and long-time mental health advocate Paul Middleton releases his own personal spin on the popular A-Ha’s song “Take on Me” promoting mental health awareness specially after we’ve all dealt with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I noticed within myself and, I’m sure, as many other people did too, the decline of my […]

Mic Rocca – “ROI”

Similar to his previous release, “Dream Space” where Mic Rocca realizes he has the power to create the life of his dreams, “ROI” settles into a relatable anecdote on the hard work put into something and still putting in the time to see the return on investment of his efforts. Listening to this single more than once […]

Rock3t – “Cuban Ice Cream” ft Raidel

Rock3t teamed up with Raidel on their collaborative single “Cuban Ice Cream” released back in 2019. Trap/Rap instrumentals steadily unite with their entertaining storytelling quickly turning their listeners’ heads with each word. The accompanying music video shows Rock3t and Raidel living the life of luxury filled with the latest fashion trends, large stacks of money […]

Mia Grace – “Wait”

In an exclusive listen of her upcoming single “Wait,” R&B singer-songwriter Mia Grace graces listeners with an upbeat new song giving off a boost of confidence as she tells someone to “wait in line.” Available on March 26, her alluring vocals complement the catchy lyricism keeping fans in touch with their own relatable stories and Grace’s personal […]

Interview: Norman Alexander Expresses “No Goodbyes” In Debut Single

Enriched with its own melodic sounds and expressive songwriting, Singer-songwriter Norman Alexander pays respect to those lives lost in his debut single “No Goodbyes.” He joins us today to speak about the release, his daily inspirations, and what’s coming up next. Thank you for speaking with us! How’s everything for you this year? From a music standpoint, […]

Alaskan Rhino – “Beaches and Rhinos”

Dance/Electronic producer Alaskan Rhino creates danceable anthems in the House, Chill, EDM, Dance, synth-pop, industrial, experimental, and Trip-Hop genres such as two of his latest singles “Hello” and “Beaches and Rhinos” available as of today. “Hello” feels like the start of a perfect summer. Its introductory soundscape features the sensible flow of a woman’s vocals […]

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