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What's up? I'm Evelin, founder of Music Trails. Sometimes music just speaks to me and creates a memorable experience I can never forget. This is my space to share some of those new independent artists doing their thing. Check them out!

Introducing: Singer-Songwriter Stephen Guizar Releases Comforting Collection Of Creative Elements In New “With Love” Album

Finding inspiration in the tiniest yet memorable moments of his life, singer-songwriter Stephen Guizar keeps a portfolio of experiences in his back pocket now coming together as his newly released album With Love, now available on all streaming platforms. Each single in the 11-track album includes its own familiar yet distinctive elements, which he mentions […]

Petar Releases EDM Cover Of “You Broke Me First (Club Mix)”

DJ, producer, and singer ​​Petar​ ​releases an EDM remix to the original Tate McRae song ​”You Broke Me First” chronicling a broken relationship ending with both people suffering from unexpected pain. ​He spins the single into a creation all of his own​ with a mellow, experimental sound taking his creativity inspired by the single to heightened levels leading listeners […]

Rachel Huggins Inspires Growth In EP “Keep Dreaming”

Classy presentation. Powerful vocals. Intriguing storyline. Singer-songwriter from South London, Rachel Huggins, digs and digs and digs deeper into the dreams we have in our lives that we must muster up the courage to pursue in the latest contemporary Soul, R&B, uplifting jazz-infused debut EP, Keep Dreaming. The 6-song EP unpredictability encourages a deeper introspection into where our lives […]

Premiere: Lyra Star Releases Gorgeous New Video For “Fade” Combining Contortion With Her Original Music

Lyra Star really wowed everyone last year with her music video for “Under the Water,” and she is continuing on the path of using her skills as a movement artist to create gorgeous visual art to accompany her haunting, ethereal music. This time, she transports the viewer into nature, drawing them into a beautiful fairy tale forest world […]

Ahanu Creates Moments Of Inspiration In Latest EP “Happy Endings”

Singer, songwriter, and rapper Ahanu releases a reflective new EP Happy Endings appreciating how life has turned out for him and the lessons learned over time. His R&B, chill, downtempo Trap style liberates the impactful moments of the past, the present, and the future that have stayed with him as he continues to evolve and give advice to himself and anyone who […]

Get To Know “Are.O” (FKA- RockstarRican) Before He Explodes In The Music Industry

Are.O is rapidly growing an extensive audience stream with his invasive, creative wisdom and ability to depict that through the weaving of his lyrical structures. Just within just a short span of time, his songs have grossed thousands of streams on various platforms. His vision and unique style shows the potential of a global breakthrough. His […]

Jessie Vickery Releases Debut Solo Single “Blame It On The Moon”

Jessie Vickery strides into 2021 with her debut solo single “Blame It On The Moon,” set for release on 28 January 2021, via Sonar Records. The song marks Jessie’s second time working with producer Adrian Irvine (the a.i.) after her previous release, “Different High”, with Quinn Mills. Pre-save “Blame It On The Moon” HERE Poised in an airy coalescent mix of live guitars and drums, “Blame It On The […]

Ella K Sol Releases Song And Video For “Time Capsule Picture” From Her Debut EP “Hello My Name Is” Out On February 19

With head-bobbing grooves and candid lyrics each track on Ella K Sol’s debut EP shines with her smooth voice and authenticity as she sings the story of her songs. Hello My Name Is will be out on February 19. Preorder the EP and receive instant downloads of her songs “The Great Mistake” and “Time Capsule […]

Blue Ice Johnson Releases Infectious & Message-Heavy Pop Single “On My Mind”

About The Release Blue Ice Johnson releases his latest captivating single “On My Mind.” The pop/r&b fusion contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted. “On My Mind” takes the listener on a musical journey where Blue Ice Johnson showcases his artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic r&b style with a modern pop vibe. The […]

Pete Beat Releases “Drinking Lager” & A New Single Each Month

Pete Beat includes elements of folk, electronica, jazz and pop into his songs influenced by a range of artists from the Beatles to the Prodigy, David Bowie and Daft Punk. The singer-songwriter and producer is releasing one new single each month while gearing up to release his upcoming album Before The War. “Homesick Night” will be available […]

JAMIERRA Confidently Takes A Stand In “Sadly Mistaken”

Former Chicago Sky WNBA player Jamierra Faulkner drops the amped-up new single “Sadly Mistaken” reflecting on her come-up as a rapper ready for anything that comes her way. Faulkner knows she’s on the rise and it’s only a matter of time for things to blow up for her. The short 1 minute single lets haters and supporters […]

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